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Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial air conditioning requirements are divided into two main areas – Comfort Cooling and Close Control.
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Comfort Cooling and Close Control

As the name suggests, comfort cooling refers to the provision of a comfortable environment for its occupants, whereas close control refers to the process of maintaining much more specific, closely controlled environments for temperature and humidity sensitive equipment or processes.

By installing air conditioning into the workplace, the distraction of discomfort is removed. Air Conditioning helps to increase productivity and allowing your workforce to work in a comfortable environment.

Businesses today are heavily dependent on their IT infrastructure, being able to create a stable environment for the server of such other systems is paramount to day to day operation.

Whilst the combination of good quality equipment and sound installation work remains essential, the success of any air conditioning project must start with a carefully considered design.

The Design of Your Air Conditioning System

ACC place great importance in understanding your requirement correctly and providing a concept and design that is exactly right, from our initial survey to our handing over we strive to meet your every requirement.

We are constantly reviewing latest technologies in Air Conditioning equipment and with our close relationship to the wholesalers and the equipment manufacturing technical teams, we are able to offer what is best for every situation.

Considerations such things as noise criteria, low energy consumption, the appropriate styling (aesthetically pleasing) and provision for future expansion are all taken into account when selecting equipment for our clients. Certain energy-efficient systems also qualify for an Enhance Capital Allowance, providing the client with an attractive tax benefit.

Our careful planning and selection at the offset of each project helps to ensure a perfect conclusion, every time.

Air Conditioning Systems
Commercial Air Conditioning

Heat Recovery System for Commercial Businesses

Our heat-recovery ventilation systems provide an effective amount of free heating to the fresh air being introduced into a building, from heat which is extracted from the air being exhausted to outside.

Heat being rejected from areas having a year-round cooling requirement (such as equipment rooms, gymnasiums etc) can be readily harnessed to heat other areas or hot water circuits.

Heat Recovery and Air Conditioning Systems in your Home
Air conditioning for the home is now common for many homeowners and property developers in the UK.

Homeowners in the UK have always accepted the costs associated with remaining warm and cozy during the winter months and many are now placing equal importance towards to maintaining a cool and comfortable home throughout the summer.

Ventilation in New Builds

Heat recovery is now an important part of new home build and house renovations to comply with the latest build regulations and in making your home more energy efficient. Combined with energy efficient heating and ventilation the home owners carbon footprint is reduced and means lower household bills and tax banding.

In striving towards increasing energy efficiency levels in homes, the Government has forced a review and change in Building Regulations, namely Part L, in order to produce a higher standard of air tightness in buildings.

Consequently, with less natural ventilation through structural leakages, Part F concerning Ventilation has also been amended to compensate.

The amended Part F, which came into effect on 6 April 2006, states: "There shall be adequate means of ventilation provided for people in the building."

ACC have tried and tested systems to install in homes and help with your homes efficiency and conform to the latest build regulations

Service and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning has undoubtedly become an essential component in many of today's businesses. If looked after correctly it will reward you with many years of trouble-free service, but if this upkeep is neglected or not carried out correctly the equipment can quickly depreciate from an asset to a liability.

Preventative maintenance visits will ensure that your equipment remains running efficiently and effectively. A longer life expectancy of the equipment is assured, as is a fresh and hygienic environment for you and your staff.

ACC are also active in promoting reduced energy consumption at the many sites that we manage on a preventative maintenance basis. We commonly find heating systems fighting cooling systems, controls poorly calibrated and personnel with no training of how systems work. We extend our maintenance program to show personnel how to operate the system properly.
Service and Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems

Why Maintain your Air Conditioning System

Why should your air conditioning system be regularly maintained and serviced?
It’s recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that the warranties provided remain intact.
  • To ensure your compliance with the F-gas regulation, which is now UK law (July 2007).
  • Annual leak checking of systems.
  • To reduce your electricity bills.
  • Ensure that the equipment remains hygienic and maintain a pleasant environment in your premises.
  • Regular maintenance means the maximum useful life from the equipment.
Maintenance Contract Price Guide - These prices are a guide and may be changed at any time
1 Unit
2 Units
3 Units
4 Units
5 Units
Per additional
Unit £42.50
Maintenance Contract includes: Labour for two maintenance visits per year. All work carried out from 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday

Other Services ACC the Air Conditioning Company Offer

We also specialise in.
  • Pool / spa extraction ventilation and dehumidification systems complete with Low Pressure Hot Water (LPHW).
  • Building ventilation and extraction, plus purification systems which comply with all current building regulations.
    (Part L Part F).
We design and install air conditioning systems all over the UK but the majority of our work is in Southwest England: Plymouth, Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

Our Air Con Client List

Just a few of our clients are:
Summerfield’s, Nationwide Texaco, Plymouth Universities, SW Universities, Social Services, Foster refrigeration, Nuffield Hospitals, Volvo, Plymouth Medical centre’s, Crown Golf, Nationwide Taxi Bank call centre, Plymouth nightclubs, Conservative Clubs, Hotels, Devon Estate Agents, Cinemas and more recently the domestic market.

Plus: Schools; Working Men's Clubs; Gymnasiums; Office Blocks; Dentists; Restaurants; Hotels; Doctors' Surgeries; Shops; and many more.....

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